Men’s Microtrends For 2017 – Which Ones Are Here To Stay?

Microtrends are generally picked up by those popular influencers and adopted for a brief period of time before being flung to the side to try out the next new thing. However, some have sticking power, such as glitter roots for women and sliders for men. With this in mind, let’s take a look at the male micro trends taking place in 2017 and whether they have legs or not.

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T-shirt Tucked In

A plain t-shirt, tucked into your fave jeans and paired with a smart blazer or even a men’s Harrington jacket, is a look that is set to take over the world of bar hopping in 2017.

Is it here to stay?

Probably. While it might remind you of your dear old Dad, it’s a look that you’ll be adopting on nights out in the local bar for the foreseeable future.

Smart Over Casual

Super casual looks paired with one strong, smart item of clothing is something more and more of us are adopting for everyday work looks. Think straight legged joggers that could pass for loose trousers, teamed with a plain t-shirt and finished off with a pair of lace-up brogues to create the perfect smart/casual look.

Is this one of the microtrends that is here to stay?

Probably not. Athleisurewear isn’t as easy to pull off for guys as it is for girls, sportswear tends to be a lot more obvious than the yoga leggings women are able to wear under longer length blouses and dress up with heels, but for now, it’s a trend to enjoy.

50 Shades Of Pink

Pink is making a stand in the world of men’s fashion, with easy to introduce shades on everyday accessories and within clothing designs.

Is it here to stay?

Yes. Androgynous clothing is becoming more and more popular, with brands designing ranges that can be worn by both men and women. The color pink is perfect to adopt for such a trend, plus it’s the color of millennials, so expect to see it throughout clothing ranges in 2017 and into next year.

Stitched Up

Embroidery is being featured on everything from the back of denim jeans to shirt pockets, so expect to see slogans, fun motifs and even floral designs stitched onto men’s fashion this spring/summer.

Is this one of the microtrends that is here to stay?

Probably not. It’s another trend that will last a little longer on women’s fashion but for men, it’s a fleeting look unless you’re ready to stitch patches onto your jackets and denim yourself, really.

Loose Suits

Slimline suits have moved out of the spotlight in 2017 and instead, the 90s have come calling with looser fitted suits – borderlining on oversized. A classic grey is the best choice for those adopting this look, worn over a plain t-shirt.

Is it here to stay?

Hopefully not. Oversized looks are dominating the catwalks but they simply aren’t flattering on a day to day basis, therefore it’s likely this will be a passing fad.

Which micro trend will you be giving a go in 2017?

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Men’s Microtrends For 2017 – Which Ones Are Here To Stay?

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