How To Plan The Ultimate Bachelor Or Bachelorette Party In Your Hometown

Destination bachelor or bachelorette parties may cost as much as $13,788. Some of these destination parties are so costly, they actually create debt that makes it difficult for grooms-to-be and brides-to-be to get on the property ladder. If you want to have fun, while spending much less money, you should plan a bachelor or bachelorette party right in your own hometown. When you do, you’ll save money on airfares or accommodation and your party will be so much easier for your nearest and dearest to attend. To plan the ultimate bachelor or bachelorette party, pick a theme and then follow these tried-and-true party planning tips. If someone else will be throwing your party for you, be sure to pass on these helpful hints.

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Pick The Perfect Party Theme

If you went to Las Vegas for the stereotypical night out, you might end up watching a risqué show or partying at a club. Since you’ll be holding your ‘do in your own hometown, you don’t have to settle for the stereotypical bachelor or bachelorette party experience. You may plan a party theme that suits your interests, style, and personality.

If you’re more of an outdoorsy type, you could plan a camping trip for your friends. Spend time in a beautiful outdoor location, pitch tents and then gather around a campfire. Spend one night out of doors or make a weekend of it. Roast hot dogs and marshmallows, bring plenty of beer and make sure that you have a system for playing music. People love to be outside in the fresh air, weather permitting. Most weddings are held during the warmer months, so your bachelor or bachelorette party is probably planned for a temperate time of the year.

Another option is a fun casino night theme. To bring the spirit of a casino to life at your event, rent casino games, give participants “play money” and then offer some prizes to the winning gamblers. People love casino nights, especially when there is glam décor and free drinks. It’s possible to rent casino equipment for reasonable rates. Pick a venue, decorate it to create that 007 Casino Royale vibe and then encourage guests to dress to the nines. Playing casino games is so much fun. Sixty percent of USA residents have gambled in the past 12 months. When you all gamble to play money during your party, no one will lose real money. Prizes will inspire participants to do their best at roulette, blackjack and poker.

Plan Your Party To Perfection

First, you need to consider the location or venue. Get that settled before you do anything else. The availability of a location (such as a campground) or venue (for a casino-style party) may dictate which date your night will be held on. Compare reviews of locations or venues before you book. Look at review websites carefully and find out which locations/venues offer the most bang for the buck. Then, collect quotes for your top three locations/venues and inquire about dates. Once you’ve made a final decision and locked down the location or venue of your choice, you’ll be ready to concentrate on invitations, décor, catering and hiring staff and/or equipment.

Send Invites And Gather Supplies

You’ll need to send out invites, even if you’re inviting just a few very close friends. This will be an important event in your life and you should formalize it by sending invitations. Send them electronically or on recyclable paper, via snail mail. Then, gather what you need for your party. Some venues will take care of bartending and catering. Others will offer space only. After you’ve decided where to hold your party, think about which supplies you’ll need and start sourcing them out. Compare prices from vendors and suppliers and then choose those that offer quality for fair rates. If you’re planning to spend a bit of money on your ‘do, be sure to get contracts from vendors. The last step is kicking back and looking forward to your party.

Don’t Forget About Your Outfit

Now that the details and hard work are taken care of, you can focus on the fun stuff. You may want to give some thought to what you’ll wear on the big night. The beauty of effective party planning, including picking a party theme, locking down a venue and gathering all supplies is that it frees you up to look forward to your special event. A great bachelor or bachelorette is the perfect way to prepare for a joyful wedding.

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