Sleeping On A Corn Cob Has Never Been This Comfortable!

Finding odd things have been the core of Bit Rebels whole idea from the get go. The main idea is, as you all know, to present interesting things in a new perspective and do it in bite sized articles. Sometimes we’ve strayed from that particular equation here on Bit Rebels resulting in long and time consuming articles but with a lot of heart in them. They have always been spot on and have been received quite well if not really well.

When reading these long articles it’s always best to sit in a comfortable chair or to lay down on the couch with your laptop to maximize the experience. If you could call reading Bit Rebels articles an experience. However, I think I have found the most comfortable and inspiring corn cob pillow out there. The many features it offers is quite hilarious and I promise you that you have never seen a pillow like this. Not even in your wildest dreams.

Designer Weng Jie has come up with something so odd that it’s actually really cool. It speaks to both adults as well as toddlers and the ability to take off the corn from the cob is just as unique as it is hilarious. Imagine falling asleep on this little cob of wonderment only to wake up with the corn spread around the bed like someone just poured a fresh bowl of cooked corn over you. Whether it is comfortable or not doesn’t really show on the pictures but I assume that it is. It would be the main thing when developing something like this…right?