Social Networking Addicts: Facebook Adidas Sneakers

Everyone that has used social networking sites for any amount of time knows that it is highly addicting once you start seeing the results of it. To connect with people you normally wouldn’t find in your home town or in the networking circles you already engage with is a wonderful and ultimately rewarding feeling. Making new friends and collaborations are what fuel the businesses of today. If you neglect the impact that social networking can have on your business, I am afraid that you are ultimately doing something wrong which will hurt your business in the long run.

That’s why you should take a closer look at the Adidas Facebook Sneakers that were recently unearthed. They are, for now, just an Internet concept design, but with the number of people that are using Facebook (500 million accounts registered and over 300 million people are using it daily) it’s a no brainer that they will probably see the light of day.

Maybe it’s not the most stylish fashion statement you could ever make, but it sure puts you on the social networking map of geeks who are addicts. I am sure there will be some way of customizing those badboys for you to incorporate your Facebook address and so forth. There may even be a tracking device that will show people where you are and where you are heading through the Facebook People feature. It’s, as I always say, Facebook is Facebook. #NuffSaid These sneakers were created by Gary Mckay.