Special Sauce And About Cannabis Strains

Are you looking to try cannabis buds for the first time? If so, then you are on the right page. This is because buying cannabis strains can be intimidating, especially if you are faced with a massive selection and various products out there. If you are trying to navigate your options, you may want to get the strains that have the least THC out there. Learn more about the biology of the cannabis plant when you click here.

If you are purchasing cannabis, many are employing a similar system to that of a wine strategy. What they do is to find something with a cool label and ensure that it fits a specific price point before checking out of the counter. The result? This doesn’t give them the kind of CBD buds they are looking for.

From the experience of many budtenders, they have found out that the strain name, CBD, and THC percentage are just some of the common factors why they have chosen a product. Even if the criteria help narrow your options, you may want to check the overall quality of the product as well.

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Quality Is Not Just About The THC

If you wonder why the flowers put on the top shelf are not always the highest in THC and CBD content, it’s because this is not only the main ingredient in the list. You can check the Special Sauce Strain from Cheef Botanicals and know more about the other ingredients in the list. There are terpenes, phytocannabinoids, flavonoids, and other compounds mixed into the bottle as well.

They ensure that you get the most out of the buds by giving you an entourage effect. THC-dominant buds usually lack the diversity of cannabinoids and terpenes. The experience leaves the users looking for more, and most of the high is short-lived and even anxiety-provoking.

Another way that you can look for the quality is when you’re generally paying more. Price is one of the primary indicators that you are getting a high-quality strain that will tickle your senses. While you won’t find the ingredients’ full chemistry through the label, you can always check the manufacturers’ website to know more about the kind of cannabis you are getting.

Characteristics Of High-Quality Buds

If you can’t smell the flowers before buying, such as ordering them from online platforms, the main indication in determining their quality is the freshness. It’s important to know that the buds degrade over time since the terpenes tend to evaporate. Read more about terpenes here: https://www.collinsdictionary.com/dictionary/english/terpene. Most of the flavor and smell can be gone in just six months.

Proper storage of the buds of strains like Special Sauce may delay the evaporation process a little bit. However, you won’t completely stop it. Check the flowers’ harvest dates and ensure that you are fresh as possible. Ensuring that the compounds are still there will benefit you in the long run.

You may be lucky enough to get the flowers in your area; you can always smell their aroma before putting them into their packages. Smelling will largely determine their terpene profiles, and the more intense they are, the fresher they’re going to be.

There are the health and ripeness of the trichomes that you want to check out. Some are milky white, which means that they came from more potent genetics. The clearer buds have reached their maturity, and amber brown was not harvested sooner. The ripened Special Sauce buds can allow you to experience the best as long as you got them when they are at their peaks.

Another thing is that there is something to be said about the entire handling and shipping. This is important if you live somewhere far, and you ordered from another state in the US. You can get high-quality flowers even after several days have passed if they were cured and dried properly. The curing process allows the flowers to be free of mold, smooth, and tasty.

If it’s possible, you always buy the buds from jars. This is because the plastic can destroy the trichomes that are outside of the buds. The jar has minimal effect on the buds’ terpene and flavonoid content, but overall, you pay for the best experience. Pay for the jar as well.

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