Star Wars Ewok-Style Treehouse Bed & Breakfast [Video]

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to live in a treehouse, I guess you have come to the right article to find that out. I mean, I am sure we have all thought about it when we were kids that it would be so cool to have a huge house up in a tree. Maybe it was the Star Wars movies that helped us imagine it with the Ewok’s city in the sky and the magical lighting. There are plenty of amazing treehouses around the world, but there are few that can brag about being the biggest and most complex system of walkways and stairs. Usually a treehouse is all about the fun, and it is most likely not able to fit more than a few kids.

However, if you ever go to Oregon, you should definitely visit the bed & breakfast that ex-green beret Michael Garnier built. It is an astonishing set of treehouses that you can rent for a few nights. They all vary in sizes from a tent-sized treehouse to a 350-square foot penthouse mansion treehouse. It is almost the exact same way of living as the Ewoks did in the Star Wars movies. Anyone who has ever thought that building a treehouse is cheap should listen to the stories that Michael has to tell. He’s built treehouses for customers that cost up to $500,000 and above. That is what I call a treehouse!

Michael even refers to it in the video. He has been building these treehouses for decades, and what would it all be if he didn’t live in the biggest one himself? It is about 5 times bigger than the ones you can rent, and it is labeled the largest tree house in the world. Michael and his wife live in this house all year around, and you have to wonder what that must be like. It’s an ever ongoing adventure for sure.

Star Wars Ewok Treehouse Hotel

Via: [Nerd Approved]