Storage Tips To Help After The Holidays

After a long holiday spent making merry, you might be ready to go back to work — if only to say goodbye to lingering family members. Unfortunately, your return to reality coincides with a chore most people would prefer to ignore: taking down Christmas decorations. It’s hardly anyone’s favorite task, especially after an exhausting holiday. If you need help finding the energy you need to un-deck the halls, keep reading. Here are some top storage tips for your task.

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Read The Weather Forecast

In places like Richmond Hill, it’s cold by the time you want to remove your Christmas lights. The challenge of taking them and any other outdoor decoration down becomes even worse when you have to compete with frosty wind chills, black ice, and snow. If you aren’t careful, these weather conditions can make your work on the roof dangerous. To make sure you’re safe when you do the deed, check the weather forecast before you risk the outdoors. Make sure it isn’t expected to snow while you’re out there and be sure to dress for the listed temperature. If you are headed onto the roof, make sure you have someone to spot you and hold your ladder secure.

Check The Local Pick Up Dates

Depending on where you live, your local municipality will coordinate a community Christmas tree pick up. Rather than guess at when city workers will get around to your neighborhood, go online to find a calendar. Once you know the date of your pick up, you can organize a convenient time to take down your tree, so you don’t miss your chance.

Keep Presents Packaging

When your kids unpacked the Xbox One X on Christmas day, and you got to unwrap the iPhone X, none of you were interested in the cardboard packaging. It’s not as fun as the stuff inside, but don’t be so quick to throw it away. Cardboard boxes are a great way to keep your decorations organized and tangle free.

Cut one side of a large box free to make one sheet of cardboard. Then make a notch at either end, making sure they’re large enough that the plugs can fit into them. Hook one of the plugs through this notch and then start winding your lights around it. Ta-da — now you have an affordable, knot-free way of keeping your lights organized. Look here for more cheap organization ideas for your other decorations.

Use A Storage Unit

Once you’ve collected all your decorations, it’s time to find a place to put them, but what do you do when all the typical places are already full? When your attic, basement, garage, or shed is at capacity, consider renting out a mini storage unit. It offers a clean and secure place to keep your decorations. Climate control and physical security are two of the benefits of a local storage unit that your garage or basement could never match.

As a standard for rental storage units, Richmond Hill offers superior control and security for your valuable belongings, including sensitive electronics and wooden furniture susceptible to humidity and weather extremes. Even if you’ve never heard of this city before, you should model your local facility after its amenities. Using a Richmond Hill self-storage rental unit as a benchmark, you should expect only the strictest controls over your unit’s climate. This is the only way to ensure your decorations and other items will be in the same condition when you pull them out next Christmas as when you put them away this year.

Nobody likes taking down decorations. It doesn’t matter if you hate it because it signifies the holidays are truly over or because you’d rather be inside sipping on leftover eggnog and watching Mindhunter, the fact remains: you need to take them down. Make your task easier by using this guide.

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