Taking Medical Marijuana – Different Methods For Different Lifestyles

Thanks to advances in technology and with the use of cannabis-derived products significantly on the up, new ways to use extracts of the plant are being developed all the time. Today, experts are in the process of testing the effects of marijuana on a wide range of conditions, from epilepsy to arthritis and from Crohn’s disease to dementia. Fortunately, medical marijuana is legal in most states. If you get a medicinal cannabis card in West Virginia, for example, you can start purchasing and using medical marijuana for health problems.

Those who are less familiar with the use of cannabis tend to think of the substance as just something to be smoked – and while this is a popular means of absorbing it into one’s system, it’s far from the only way. Here are some of the most popular means by which medical marijuana may be taken, and a few of the reasons why each particular method might be preferred.

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The use of drops is a very straightforward means of ingesting cannabis. Medical marijuana that can be taken in this way often comes with a special dropper, which the user or a third party can use to apply two to four drops under the tongue.

This works well for people who want a quick fix, need help taking their medication, are unable to smoke, or cannot consume certain edibles for medical reasons. It’s extremely easy to access the cannabinoid extract that suits you – as long as you reside in a state that permits the substance’s medical use.

All you need is a specialist card. For example, to apply for a medical marijuana card in Manhattan, New York, all you need to do is go online and fill in a simple form. You’ll be asked a few basic questions by a specialist and, once you’re done, your card will be sent out to you.

Smoking And Vaping

The act of smoking the substance like a cigarette is often the preferred method of traditionalist users, while those who have embraced the e-cigarette may find that taking their dose as a vape liquid may fit their lifestyle better and in a subtler way. Some individuals who smoke medical marijuana to treat stress and anxiety claim that the process of inhaling and exhaling helps them to regulate their breathing, offering a meditative effect.

However, smoking and vaping may not be the best approach for very young users or those who have serious conditions affecting their hands, arms, respiratory system, or cognitive ability (the latter may be particularly dangerous when it comes to lighting up, due to the application of a flame).

Edibles And Teas

The act of ingesting cannabinoid products in food or drink often produces a very different effect to smoking. It usually results in the active components taking effect much more slowly, but in a more intense manner. For this reason, those who take their marijuana in the form of edibles need to be aware of the timing of their dosage.

Most commonly, medical marijuana is consumed as an ingredient of brownies, cookies, and cakes as well as gummies – however, cannabis oil can be used in a much wider range of recipes and offers its own unique flavor.

A variety of calming teas containing cannabinoid substances are also available, making medical marijuana exceptionally easy to take as part of a busy routine. Edibles and drinks may be more suitable for younger users, those who prefer a longer metabolizing period, those with conditions that prevent them from smoking, and even individuals who simply like to try out new recipes.

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