The Creepiest Spider Web You’ll Ever See

I figured with Halloween fast approaching, it’s a fine time to share with you the creepiest spider web you’ll ever see. This thing is the biggest, strongest, strangest spider concoction I’ve ever read about for sure.

According to research gathered by Zoologist Igni Agnarsson and his team from the University of Puerto Rico, this spider web is not spun by the largest spider, which would seem to make sense. This web is made by a new species of spider, the Darwin’s Bark Spider (pictured to the left), which is only 3-4cm long.

This spider can create webs that are 25 meters (82 feet) high and 10 times stronger than any other spider web ever documented. These webs sometimes span across an entire river. This spider web is, so far, the strongest biological material ever discovered. Apparently the locals on the Island of Madagascar have seen these gigantic spider webs for many years. However, the world of science just acknowledged this discovery when it was documented here a few weeks ago. Wow, remind me never to go to that island! I’m getting all itchy just thinking about it.

[via World Must Be Crazy]