UPS vs. FedEx: Surprising Stats Compared [Infographic]

Every other day or so I get a shipment from some producer, publisher or as of lately, someone who wants Bit Rebels to review their gadgets.  As you might have guessed, it’s either delivered by UPS or FedEx (occasionally even DHL).  And if I am completely honest, I have never even bothered to see what other shipping companies are out there.  I don’t even recall hearing any other company name when talking about shipping stuff.  Maybe it’s because I want a master of a song or a letter to get to the recipient safely and on time.  The commercials have certainly done their job making us choose between either of these two because I don’t think many of us would be able to list, for example, 5 other delivery brands without cheating and looking them up on the Internet.

Alright, so who cares if there are other delivery brands out there.  Which one of these two should we trust with our carefully boxed and wrapped parcels?  It’s a question I think many of us dabble with pretty much every time we are about to ship something.  Well, it certainly depends on whether or not you have an account with either of these.  If you do, I am sure you go with the one that you’re currently with.

What if you were to look at the statistics and the data that these two multinational companies share?  Would you think about switching to the other?  I guess that’s a question of loyalty and experience.  Many people stick to their regular service provider just because they know the ins and outs of it, even though they charge a little bit extra.  It’s a way for us humans to feel at peace.  What you don’t know won’t hurt you they say.  However, in this case, that doesn’t really apply, does it? #JustSaying

The Difference Between UPS FedExUPS And FedEx Statistics Data

Via: [PackageFox]


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    Lori Konsker 9 years

    Hi I enjoyed reading stats comparing UPS Vs. Fed EX

    What do you think the best way to get stats on how many people use overnight delivery vs. 2-5 day delivery when sending gifts?

    I’m curious to know how important expediting a gift is vs. just using 2day.

    do you think I could just call FED EX and they will know? Thank oyu.

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    Jacob 7 years

    Can you help getting information source about packages sizes (H-W-D) statistic of FED EX and UPS?

  • comment-avatar
    Danielle 7 years

    I’m also looking for more statisics on both companies. Where can I look for % of failed/lost/damaged deliveried, # of private-to-private individual deliveres, signature poilcies, etc…

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    Alex Grant 6 years

    Great piece! Clear, concise, informative. How might we learn the number/percentages of packages that are return items (Amazon, Wayfair etc)–a super-fast growing market.