What Americans Watch Online While Working [Infographic]

One of the most important aspects of any company’s Internet security policy seems to be whether or not their employees should be allowed to use Facebook or not. I think it is really ridiculous that this way of thinking even exists. I guess I can understand it when you look at all the people who are almost obsessed with their Facebook, and they can’t seem to take their attention off it even if their job depends on it. The time suck that Facebook can cause is severe, but there should really be some other way of enabling hardworking people so they have the possibility to check their social networking presence every once in a while.

When a larger study was conducted that looked closely at what Americans really watch during work hours, the results were quite interesting. This study only involved what kind of video content Americans look at, but it’s an interesting aspect nevertheless. I don’t know if you would be considered to be in this focus group of people or even if you are one of the people who keeps watching videos at work, but the result and the statistics speak their own truth I reckon.

Women seem to be more responsible (if you can label it as that) when at work. Only 34% of women admitted that they watch videos at work, while 53% of men admitted to watching videos at work. The largest category of videos watched was news, hands down, but a somewhat close second was company related videos. So, my question is, if only this many people watched videos at work, what did the other people do while the boss was showing their new product commercial in the conference room? Of course, not all companies show videos at work but still, right? Are you one of the people who keeps furiously mining YouTube for video content to brighten your day? Be honest! (Infographic created by ColumnFive and Wistia.)

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What Americans Watch At Work

Via: [Geekosystem]