World Of Wine: Who Produces & Consumes The Most Wine

I don’t consider myself to be a heavy consumer of fine wines, but I would like to think I know a thing or two about it. It wasn’t until I started using Twitter that my interest in fine wines really peaked, and I have since been regularly updated. I am sure you’re wondering why it started once I began using Twitter, and it might be easy and funny to say that it was to handle all that was being said on there.

However, that of course is not the case and it was because once I started using Twitter, I saw a really inspiring talk on YouTube given by the always amusing and energy boosting wine president Gary Vaynerchuk. I am following pretty much everything he says about wines, and it’s such an interesting subject. But it doesn’t stop there, I also started following Rick Bakas, another truly gifted wine tycoon that you definitely have to start following if you aren’t already.

One might think with all the legends and stories about France being the country that serves wine at breakfast, lunch and dinner to all members of the family, they should be the wine capital of the world. Once I took a peek at this infographic created by o5, I was quite amazed about how wrong I was about that. What wasn’t very surprising to me is that Sweden isn’t even on the list at all. The reason for that could be because the government has a monopoly on selling heavy alcoholic beverages, so our culture has never been much to brag about. Now Sweden might sound like a really restrictive country, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. However, that is an entirely different article. Have a look at this chart to see if you agree with the lineup or if your favorite wines come from the top consuming or producing countries.

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Top World Of Wine Infographic