2013 Edition Of The Twitter Dictionary [Infographic]

As social media evolves, so does the language that is continuously invented in order to make sense in a social networking kind of way. I don’t expect you to understand exactly what that means, but in some weird way, it makes sense to all of us I guess. Each social networking service has its own lingo. It’s kind of unavoidable. We come up with words, and they become an integral part of the service itself. Twitter is one of those services that almost has its own Twitter dictionary.

Twitter is probably one of the more evolved social networking services when it comes to its lingo. There are plenty of words that have sprung up seemingly overnight in order to make certain functionalities easier to understand. These new words are also a way to quicker identify the features themselves. The word “retweet” is one of those words that we each use dozens of times a day without thinking about the fact that it’s only officially been in the dictionary since 2011.

There are countless other words that we use on a daily basis, or at least some people do. The Twitter dictionary for marketers, or the Twictionary as it is called, is a formidable source of Twitter lingo which, if mastered, could send you into orbit and allow you to hang out with the more geeky Twitter marketers. This Twitter dictionary holds a bunch of words that even I have never heard before. Maybe they are just a bunch of words being put into someone’s “Twitterlyzer” in order to make you laugh, but that doesn’t really matter, does it?

This Twitter dictionary called The Social Marketer’s Urban Twictionary is presented by Marketo (design by Column Five Media) and is sure to bring a huge smile to your face. If you are not sure about what Twitter lingo to use when amongst Twitter marketers, bust this puppy out and get to work. Chances are good that you will suddenly become the high deliverer of geekiness when it comes to Twitter marketing. Are there any other words that you know of that are not among the ones in this Twitter dictionary yet? Have they possibly missed a few? Don’t hesitate to help us identify them. It is sure to be appreciated by the entire community of Twitter marketers.

Twitter Dictionary – A Marketer’s Twitter Lingo

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Via: [visual.ly]