7 Reasons Why Your Social Media Campaign Is Failing

Social media is a buzz word nowadays. So many people are trying to find ways to leverage their brand’s presence and reach a larger audience. Just like any other media (traditional) it takes a lot of hard work and creative/strategic thinking. There are so many platforms that are available: Twitter, FaceBook, YouTube,  FourSquare, social gaming, etc…

There are a lot of brands that have been successful in social media. Many case studies that I have seen and studied show the value of social media as one of the tools that helped them reach their objectives. However, not everyone is successful, and maybe that is because there are some things that they have overlooked. Here are some practical tips and reasons why some social media strategies fail.

1. Lack of research – Some marketers hear and read about the success of other brands on the different platforms, and they tend to just get on the bandwagon without doing the necessary homework. There are so many things to consider when creating your social media plans: Demographics, psychographics, measurements, etc… You also need to simply experience the social media technologies available.

2. Talkers, not doers – Some so called experts recommend technologies that they have not experienced first hand. You can read and speak about social media, but the best way to really put things to work and guarantee results is if you experience it yourself. If you recommend Twitter as your main tool then by all means make sure that you are on there and know the ins and outs of the social platform. Be bold enough to teach your clients how to use social media.

3. No follow through – This is one aspect that is always taken for granted. People set up a Twitter account, a FaceBook page, a YouTube channel, or whatever and then that is it. Big mistake. You should always remember that people will follow you, “like” your page and subscribe to your channel because in the beginning they know that you have something good to offer them. They are there listening to you. They will want to engage and converse with you or your brand. Content is key, and if you stop updating and creating experiences for them, you will lose them.

4. Ideas and creativity are not in the mix – Creativity is important. You must always make sure your message is interesting and useful for your targeted consumers.

5. Traditional media is forgotten – Think 360 degrees. You want to reach the majority of your audience. Do not disregard the traditional media outlets (radio, print, TV or whatever you feel is appropriate). You can always drive more people to your social media channels by making sure that you include links to your message.

6. Think of your audience, do not do it to suck up to your clients or boss – Make sound recommendations, ones that are based on research, creative collaboration and sound ideas and execution. More often than not, marketing people make the mistake of creating a plan or a strategy that they know will appeal or make their clients and bosses love them. That is not bad altogether, but there are times when our bosses and our clients are not the main target of our messages. Plus remember, they hired you because of your sound judgment and ability to recommend good campaigns and ideas.

7. Your objective is not clear – Objectives must be clear at the beginning of your strategy process. Only when we have set a clear objective can we truly see the success of our plan. Key performance index can only be measured once your objectives are agreed upon and set. After the campaign is finished, you then have a basis for measuring the success of your endeavor.

Main Image Source – Inky Failure