Augmented Reality comes to Social Networking

In today’s fast technology landscape it doesn’t take long for things to take on or develop into other areas where the public generally is all bundled up. To serve the masses has started to be the main core of technology and with all right and purpose. Things we thought yesterday was impossible is waiting behind every corner, literally, and we are not far from blockbuster movies like “Minority Report” and “Johnny Mnemonic” just to mention a few. It’s a dream come true for every tech geek and serves for a positive outlook of the future.

The one thing that strikes me the most is that we’re really seeing a huge development in user behavior analysis in order to make gadgets and app as simple as possible in order to mix with people of all levels of usage. If it ain’t easy you can be darn sure that the gadget won’t become the next big thing anytime soon.

So, with this in mind we are now seeing augmented reality make a swoop into our everyday lives. The applications are endless and the sheer fun you can have with it is just awesome. Augmented Reality really made a name for itself last year and already we’re seeing the incorporation of it in pretty much everything. And, now it hits the Social Networking as well, even if it just in the beginning of things. You will be able to point your iPhone at a person, the app will go through a facial recognition phase and voila, you instantly get that persons different Social Networking links and information. Just click and add. Simple as that!

It ain’t hard to see the next step really. You’re watching a movie, you point your camera at the screen and there you have it. You get information about the actors or actresses, producer, movie information and statistics…as saif, the applications are endless. So, let’s embrace this new feature. Let’s make it the next big thing and somewhat hurry up the technology development. We are the projected user group, we are the ones making this possible. So go out there and look up everything about it. Maybe we can even help develop it. I am sure we have tons of smart kids watching Bit Rebels eager to get into some cool stuff. As a matter of fact I think you all are. So get going!