Comparing Pinterest With Facebook & Twitter [Infographic]

I think we have all thought about it. I mean, now that Pinterest is becoming a new household name, there is little that wouldn’t call for a comparison between it and Facebook and Twitter. It is easy to forget that these social networking giants were all once startups as well. They were struggling with servers, funding and the constant brainstorming about how to get more users faster. Every new startup goes through the very same process, and Facebook and Twitter are no exception. The thing with Pinterest is that it seems they have had a pretty smooth ride so far, if you disregard the fact that their servers clogs up every once in a while.

The genius behind Pinterest could be described in many ways, but the best way would be how it approaches new users, and that the learning curve is insanely flat. A new infographic called The Power of Pinterest, created by Internet Marketing Inc., highlights the most interesting details about Pinterest and how it measures up against Facebook and Twitter. What I find really stunning with the data presented in this infographic is that Pinterest is actually ahead of both Facebook and Twitter when it comes to the comparison of where the two social networking giants were at the same young age as Pinterest is now.

However, when I look at the stats of the most followed corporate boards, I am struck by the low numbers. For example, Nordstrom has about 10,000 followers while the online creativity community Etsy has about 54,000 followers. These are of course really low numbers that don’t compare to Facebook or Twitter, but then again, Pinterest is really young which should be taken into consideration. These are the leading brands on Pinterest, and I get a strong deja vu feeling connected to the number of followers for some of the world’s largest brands on Twitter when it was young. So, could Pinterest keep up its strong growth and surpass both Facebook and Twitter? I guess it’s up to the users to decide and for the future to tell, but one thing is for sure, Pinterest is here to stay. The sooner you get on there, the more you will be a part of molding this new networking hub.

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