Get Repinned: Pinterest Image Optimization Guide [Infographic]

Now that Pinterest has once again gained control over their creation with a new terms of service declaration, it seems people are once again ramping up their efforts to master the new and ever growing social networking giant. With that comes a whole lot of new guides and tutorials about just how you can increase interaction on your own account. Pinterest is a lot different from any other social networking and sharing service, which of course at the same time is not entirely true. It’s an organic and changing social networking service which is ruled by the users themselves. There are trends, which if followed, will allow you to grow your network exponentially if you be among the first to share the kind of content that establishes a new trend. Sound complicated?

It really doesn’t have to be. Pinnable Business compacted some much needed knowledge into an infographic designed by Dream Systems Media called PIO: Pinterest Image Optimization. It lets you in on a few tips and tricks that could potentially, if not guarantee, you an increase in followings and interaction. With interaction I of course mean getting repinned, which is a word that is getting more popular in the social networking atmosphere.

I find it kind of fun that the words retweet and like are now joined by yet another, soon to be an internet standard, word repin. In this straightforward infographic, you will get instant and direct tips on how you can, with just a few changes, overhaul your own way of using Pinterest to increase your impact. It doesn’t really matter if you are a single user or a brand, the approach is pretty much the same. You have to network and interact in order to make sense on a social network. There’s no other way to get around it. Add a little bit of creativity to that, and you will find that there really are no limits to what you can accomplish.

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Via: [Mashable]