This Gun-Wielding Russian Robot Could Start The Terminator Apocalypse

In this day and age, you do not just have to compete with humans but also with robots that possess twice your intelligence! Meet Fedor, the Russian anthropomorphous robot that can fire guns like a pro and can lift dumbbells like they are feathers. As if that was not enough, Fedor can also drive a car and can do several push-ups in a go. Do we even stand a chance against such an amazing Russian robot? Perhaps it is time to finally hit the gym!

The unbelievable footage of this gun-wielding robot was posted on the verified Twitter page of the Deputy Prime Minister of Russia. Any hope that this robot is fake has been crushed. The only option is to learn all about its astonishing skills so that we can win this battle of humans against robots. Be prepared to be stunned. Fedor has incredible physical and mental abilities. It can use mechanical tools and can either act autonomously or can mirror the actions of a human operator. [pullquote]The Russian robot owes its gun-wielding skills to hours in the shooting range because this exercise is supposed to improve its ability to make instant decisions.[/pullquote] All this, while most of us can barely hit the bull’s eye once after firing about a hundred shots!

This marvelous creation of the Russian Foundation for Advanced Research Projects might seem potentially dangerous but is supposed to be designed for projects that are beneficial to mankind. However, the billion dollar question is whether we can fully trust artificial intelligence. If we feel comfortable handing guns to robots to enhance their decision-making skills, what guarantees that their choices might not be detrimental to humanity? All we can do is hope that the scientists and engineers have created an impeccable code to prevent this Russian robot from going rogue. After all, artificial intelligence may come with a risk but is the need of the hour for creating high-end technology.

No matter how jealous you may be of this humanoid machine, it is here to stay. The Russian agency has even launched a competition to create the robot’s software. Wait, what? Isn’t the robot smart enough already? What does he need a better code for? We guess only time will reveal the full potential of this awesome invention. Until then, we can just sit and gape at its mechanical prowess. The person who wins this coding competition will definitely have their future all set, but what about our future? Will an army of robots take over the jobs of human beings with an average I.Q.? We certainly hope not. The perfect world would be one where robots and humans are friends.

However, it is not a bad idea to hone your skills and put your best foot forward at work before the world realizes that the Russian robot can do your job with ease. Super smart or not, the robot cannot mimic the human touch that you bring to the table. So work on your people skills and brace yourself for the robots that will soon become a common sight. The days of gun-wielding robots being mere characters of sci-fi movies are over for good! – Check out more amazing robots here!

Gun-Wielding Russian Robot – Is It The Way Of The Future?

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