How Much Is Your Twitter Account Worth?

I love Twitter and I tweet a lot! Those who follow me on the social networking platform know this of me.  I also love making Twitter birds and while I was searching for some inspiration I stumbled upon a site that asked the question How Much Is Your Twitter Account? I got curious and did the computation and found out it was worth around $10,049 and it made me think, how was it measured? What did it mean?  I searched even further and saw some of the other accounts with their corresponding values. I know the site was really just for fun.

Well, I pondered and looked at my Twitter stream and looked at the amazing people that I follow and converse with everyday and said to myself, should there be a price tag to every Twitter account?  Well I don’t think so.

Here are some reasons why:

1. I learn a lot from all my Twitter friends – from cooking, to designing, to writing, to life itself in general.  I remember so many instances when I needed some help with topics and people were so eager to help and give much attention.  So I always make it a point to pay attention to the tweets of the people I follow so that whenever someone needs help , i always try to reciprocate.

2. I get first had news from everyone I follow – One thing you got to love about Twitter is that you get first hand information.  It’s faster than the news itself.

3. I get a lot of laughs from my Twitter friend’s antics – I enjoy reading the tweets of the people I follow, specially when you see the conversations and how funny some truly are.  Never fails to make me smile.  There are days at work when I feel so tired and overwhelmed.  I open my TweetDeck and see @rMilana throwing food and poking people.  Or I get to watch the cool and fun sing ups of @paul_steele .  And a lot of other funny and heart warming conversations that make Twitter so much fun!

4. I get comforted by my Twitter friends in times of need – Not that I don’t get it from my offline friends, but there have been so many occasions that I have been comforted by friends online.  You can really feel the sincerity in the tweets that I have received.  The occasion when my mom was wrongly diagnosed to have had brain tumor.  I remember so many people praying for us, and people recommended for me to get 2nd and 3rd opinion and glad I did.  When the Typhoons came and destroyed property in my country I could see the tweets of concern from people all over the world.

5. I can get virtual hugs from the sweetest people from all over the world – ~hugs~ are one of my favorite things to get  on Twitter.  People truly are creative, imagine finding ways to show your emotions and warm feelings for others via words and symbols like I <3 you!

So for me every Twitter account is priceless and precious.  Always remember that the avatars you see on your stream everyday are the representation of real people who just happen to be living miles away from you but thanks to applications like Twitter, the distance no longer matters! What do you think?

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