How Your Social Media Efforts Affect Search Ranking [Infographic]

It’s time marketers and brand owners realize the immense impact social media has on their search ranking. The way marketers and content creators use social media and social networking has always been focused on building a huge following, but it goes much deeper than that. Today search engines incorporate influence into their search result rankings, and social media has an ever increasing part in that. If you want to make sure your search ranking is as good as it can be, this is going to help you.

I could probably go on all day long about exactly how social media affects your search ranking, and what you need to understand and think about when you start promoting and marketing your services, content or website. But I am not going to bore you to death with all the technicalities that go into it all. This is more about how you can improve your search ranking with a few adjustments and a little bit of understanding of how it all works.

First off, social media and influence certainly help your content to be indexed faster by search engines. If you work your content, it spreads, which makes search engines aware of it faster. Most search engine algorithms want to present up-to-date and relative results, so that’s why social media is such a good “metric” for search engines to use in the search ranking of the content indexed.

Then there is the social sharing factor. It’s not a secret that Google is implementing more and more influence into the number of plus ones, facebook likes and shares, and Twitter retweets in their way of determining the influence and popularity of content. This is where social media is vital in order to rank better. If you have a huge following and get a lot of social shares, your search ranking is going to increase dramatically since your content is obviously well received, and on its way to becoming popular.

There are plenty more things you should know about how your social media efforts affects your search ranking. I have found a pretty informative infographic that will help you understand the whole ecosystem of how search ranking and the search engine algorithm work in collaboration with social media. The infographic is called How Social Media Affects Search, and it’s presented by WhiteFire.

After having had a glance at this infographic, I am sure you will have new found inspiration and dedication to your social media efforts for quite some time ahead. Being influential on social media is not about having a large following, but about having a following that actually cares about what you are sharing. Build your following slowly, and you will find that your search ranking will get a pretty significant bump since people are going to start sharing your content and ideas.

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