Most Popular Design Blogs By Social Media Following [Infographic]

Many of our friends on Twitter have design blogs, and frankly, that was the initial way we got connected. In fact, I started using Twitter because I thought that some of these people had some curious content that I constantly wanted to check out. The first ones I started following were @imjustcreative and @mayhemstudios. These guys were pure inspiration to me, and Calvin Lee (@mayhemstudios) became a mentor since I thought his way of using social media was the way that I wanted to use it as well. It was effective, honest and loads of fun. I remember some of these designers being just in the beginning of their epic run, and their following was no bigger than most start-ups; however, over the years they have grown a lot!

For someone who loves design, it’s easy to find what you want by just googling what you are after, but finding blogs that you continuously want to visit can sometimes be hard. Tech King, the masters of putting together some really useful infographics, have been hard at work putting the most popular design blogs into one infographic. The whole theme of the infographic is that it’s based upon what social following they have. It’s a ranking system that makes serious sense if you think about it.

If you are new to Twitter or design in general, and if you are looking for inspiration and guidance, these sites are probably the very best way to get into all the wonderful things that design will offer. You should bookmark, follow, like, share and do whatever is possible, and these wonderful people will definitely give back to you ten fold. These people are uber creative and always happy to chat it up. Social networking is not a one-sided conversation. It’s a two-way highway of constant connectivity between two or more people who love what they do. It’s pure and simple, start engaging and start feeling inspired!

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Top Design Blogs Social Ranking