The 10 Commandments Of Using Pinterest For Business [Infographic]

I think with the way Pinterest continuous to impress us all, anyone would want to call themselves a ‘big deal on Pinterest.’ Plenty of people try to become a big deal on Pinterest, and I think it’s in the addiction that they find their motivation. There are plenty of ways to gain a large following on this social networking service. There are a few I don’t agree with, but they seem to work to some extent. When it comes to using Pinterest for business, this guide could help increase your following.

In the beginning, Pinterest had a flawed following system that made basically everyone skyrocket their following with the simplest of strategies. They have since fixed their flawed system, but I sometimes wonder if it was intentional in order to build people’s addiction to make it a more popular service before they nerfed it. There is no way of knowing this, and when it comes to strategies, Pinterst for business is one of the trickiest approaches you can undertake.

In order to help you find your way through the many dos and don’ts, I have dug up an infographic that might just point you in the right direction. When it comes to building a following on Pinterest, especially when you’re using Pinterest for business, I don’t agree with the follow, follow, follow strategy in order to get people to follow you back. It will only create a diluted following which will make your presence on Pineterst less influential. To become a big deal on Pinterest with the Pinterest for business approach, you will have to prove your worth by continuously pinning things that people can actually use and enjoy.

The infographic that I have dug up is called The 10 Commandments Of Using Pinterest For Business, and it is presented by Socially Sorted (design by Mookoo Design). It will take you through the whole spectrum of Pinterest for business in terms of strategy, which in turn will yield you a whole lot more influence on this mega social network.

If you pick bits and pieces of this and adapt them to your own Pinterest strategy, you will see that your following will definitely increase more rapidly than it would have before. Pinterest is all about interacting in the form of repinning, liking and commenting on other people’s pins. But it also helps to have an active following that finds themselves drawn to what you have to share. When that happens, you can stir up quite a large following in a matter of days.

The one most important thing though is to always stay loyal to your own likings. If you like things, make sure you create boards around them. There is a huge chance that there are millions of people with the same likings as you. This means when you start pinning the stuff you like, people will come and repin it, which will increase your following dramatically. When it comes to Pinterest for business, it’s just a matter of finding your key audience. Once you have that, you will become a big deal on Pinterest, even though your strategy is all about Pinterest for business.

Socially Sorted’s Pinterest For Business Guide