Pinterest In The ’90s: What It Would Have Looked Like

Now that Facebook is on the stock market and seemingly everyone is voicing their opinion about it, it’s hard to focus on anything else really. Every news website is cramming out estimates and predictions that vary from either a doomsday perspective or that Facebook will become the greatest stock ever. It doesn’t really matter what it will become, the future holds the facts and all we can really do (or at least the ones who have bought the stock) is to hope that the people at Facebook have a revenue plan and a clear idea about how they can grow it in order for the stock to have positive trend. As you see, it’s easy to get into it all and that is not really what this article is about.

It is actually entirely about another giant that we might or might not see on the stock market in the future, Pinterest. Yes, I’m talking about that female driven giant of a social networking site that seems to have no boundaries when it comes to growing its armies of pinners. The service is constantly making updates, and the platform is becoming an essential tool in a marketer’s arsenal to get his or her message out.

What if this new service was created in the ’90s? How would it have looked? There’s no need to ponder over that since I have a video of exactly how it would have looked, or at least if you were to ask its creator Squirrel-Monkey who has a long track record of imagining what never was. It is the ultimate retro trip back in time, and the video itself is anything but modern to say the least. So now that you know what Pinterest could have been, aren’t you glad to know that Pinterest is what it is, and that it was launched fairly recently?


Via: [Walyou]