Remotely Control Your Computer Using Twitter

Twitter has many different 3rd party software’s that makes your everyday work a lot easier. Many of them located on the Internet for easier access. However, I am sure this one is called TweetMyPC and is installed on your computer. As of May the software was only available for PC but I am sure there are incarnations for the Mac by now if you check their site or even try to find another similar software.

What it does? Well, it’s quite a genius little app and it harnesses some great power that very well could be developed into a truly powerful application. It lets you remotely shutdown, logoff or reboot your computer from anywhere using only your cellphone as the command center. They are now at version two and they are incorporating new features with every new version they release. For a full feature listing and a little more information about this great and powerful little application just check out and you’ll find more then you’ll probably need.

I for one just HAVE to have a closer look at this. It could do wonders to my remote access business development. You should to! The application is free and yours to download.