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Everyone is buying apps today and there seems to be no shortage of ideas on what they should do to enhance or simplify our living in every way possible. Apple has sold more than 3 billion apps by now and there’s an app store for Blackberry as well. Sony/Ericsson have their own app store and everyone is on the trail to open their own as it seems. Even Microsoft is now starting what some think will be their app store.

What’s next then? Well, as Twitter grows larger and more successful for each day that goes by, it’s only natural that there should be an app store for Twitter as well, right? Yup, you’re a hundred percent right. OneForty is opening the first Twitter app store and they did it yesterday. With a funding of $1.85 million and 2,319 apps on the shelves at start up things look very good for the company and the business idea to open a premium Twitter App store.

In the store there are apps for pretty much everything you can imagine. Everything from statistical apps to pure multimedia Twitter applications. Everything is represented and if you have it in your mind you should most likely find it in the store.

There is no telling if people are ready to actually pay for apps generated to handle and bundle the already free API provided by Twitter itself. But, there sure will be a rush to the store to check out what’s in there and what’s hot. Prices start at $0.99 and upwards. As a matter of fact, you can’t sell your application cheaper in the store as a developer and already there is a hint of copying the App Store for the iPhone. I know, things can be set to whatever price in the iPhone App Store but the price setting reminds me of iTunes and the App Store at the same time.

I am sure OneForty will be quite successful in their venture and we here at Bit Rebels will for sure check it out from time to time to see if we find something of interest to report to you all. I am sure we will.

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