Twitter Lists | Plain and Simple

Are you one of those people who has heard of Twitter lists, but you haven’t yet understood their value or use? Well, there is a lot of debating going around right now about whether they are a good addition to Twitter and to what use. As Social Media expands more and more each day, it’s hard to sometimes keep up with everything that goes on. Staying up-to-date on all the new things added to make it an even easier and more powerful tool can be daunting. However, sometimes things have to get more complicated in order to get more simple. So it is with Twitter Lists.

Wait, I am not saying it’s complicated using Twitter Lists. All I am saying is that in the beginning, it can seem quite challenging to learn how to use Twitter lists since it may seem like it is just another list of followers. We already have a list of followers who we have chosen to follow, right? It’s here where Twitter has decided to take a turn for the better. The Twitter people understand Twitter’s real use and value, and even though they are pushing to eliminate spammers (which is a good thing), at the same time, they are kind of giving us the tools to rack up even more followers without having to follow them closely. You see what I mean?

In a way, they know we all want more followers because the more followers means the more impact and power you have in the spreading your news and ideas. So, what are these Twitter lists all about, and why do we have them? Well, I found this “CommonCraft” inspired clip on YouTube that might make Twitter lists just a little bit less complicated. And, for the novice, this is a great start to learn how Twitter lists really work, and why we have them. Enjoy!