Twitter on XBox LIVE

Twitter is spreading at an ever increasing speed. Not only do we now have a slew of different third party Twitter software’s we also have a million (or close to it) different online Twitter applications that enables you to measure, grow, update, download, upload, share whatever it is you are doing. Some applications are better than others and some are free while others, more business related, can be used for a few bucks a month. Twitter being a free service has always been one of their strongest aspects and some argue that all other applications, such as third party applications, should also be free as they are built upon the technology that Twitter is offering for free, right now.

But Twitter is spreading even more and to new hardware’s. Latest in line is the XBox which gets the feature. Dropping at the 17Th of November the service can be used by anyone using the XBox LIVE feature. So you might wonder what Twitter is doing on the XBox. Well, it’s a great tool for people to stay up to date with each other and share their latest achievements in games etc. It’s also great for people that plays XBox more than ordinary people. Using Twitter on the XBox will enable them to stay up to date with current events as well as what the people around them are doing. Such as family and friends.

So, if you’re an XBox gamer and want to check out this feature it should now be available for you if you enable or enter the XBox live section. Enjoy!