Twitter Search in Plain English – Tutorial

Just when I thought that to search you actually…search. But apperently I was more then wrong and obviously needed a Twitter Search in Plain English tutorial to learn what search does. I know it has been said PLENTY of times before but is there something new about search that I should know of? I mean, when I want to find something I search. The someone comes along and tells me, -“Yeah, but twitter searches the tweets for what you are interested in.” And that is the exact moment I go -“HUH?

Isn’t this exactly what Google, Yahoo, AllTheWeb, Alta Vista etcetera has been doing since the VERY beginning?

Either way, here is a little video tutorial for everyone still struggling with case of actually knowing what “Search” is all about. If you don’t know what it’s all about after watching this video tutorial. Maybe you should use Twitter Search, let alone Google. Haha.

Twitter Search in Plain English