Twitter shares sex habits!

How many of you are actually keeping the most private and personal information off Twitter? Today when everything is so security based and pretty much any employer will check out what you have done in the past and what are you are up to recently it’s in everyone’s interest only to share relevant and positive information as it will stay on the Internet for a very long time. However I think everyone has bent a little on these rules and shared some personal information every now and again only to show the more personal side of ourselves.

Well, this isn’t the case for a couple of newly weds that just got married a week ago. Without their knowledge they have been put to the test with the most hilarious prank ever. As it turns out the best man of the wedding wanted to prolong the bachelor party just a bit and decided to put a device in the couples mattress that automatically connected to Twitter and tweet the way the newly weds have sex. It also tweets how vigorous the act is and some other details. It only responds to the times the couple actually have sex and within a week the Twitter account set up already has over 21,339 followers.

How would you feel when you finally finds out that you’ve been candid Twitterd by the best man of the wedding knowing that pretty much the entire world knows exactly when and how you and your wife have sex? I guess the repercussions will be quite fantastic. We’ll see how the story develops and I can’t wait to see how the couple pays back the favor.

Do you want to follow the couples sex adventures then just add @newlywedsontjob to your twitter stream and wait for the updates.