Why Social Media Isn’t A Waste Of Time [Infograhic]

On a normal day, I spend about all the time on two or three different social networking services. Well, of course, I do this while I work so I am more or less just monitoring the streams as I keep on working. Every once in a while, I throw in a tweet or a status update to stir up the pot a little bit. It’s quite interesting to see how these services keep evolving while trying to stay ahead of the game. To say that they are trying to grab even more of our attention is an understatement worthy of a laugh really. They are businesses, so of course they approach it this way. However, there are some people out there who keep saying that social media is a true waste of time.

I strongly disagree with those people. If it wasn’t for Facebook for example, a lot of people around the world would never have come in contact with lost friends and family members again. Whole family structures have been patched up, and there are probably hundreds of thousands of people out there who have found the love of their lives that way as well. So how can you possibly say that social media is a complete waste of time?

Just have a look at the infographic that Schools.com put together. I admit that my statement that a lot of people think social media is a waste of time is a bit contradicting, since the percentage of people who say they use social media to stay in contact with friends and loved ones is quite high. When you put it all in context, we are talking about millions and millions of people who think it’s an utter waste. To me, it rather looks like we love using social media, and we love using it a LOT. What do you use social media for? Personal updates, work or just to browse through old friends to see where they are in life? The social networking services will most likely keep evolving to become the backbone of our daily communication between each other. They already are in a way, so be prepared… communication becomes more digital every day.

Social Media Waste Of Time

Via: [Killer Infographics]