Magazine Picture From 1930 Predicts Today’s Smartphone Lifestyle

When it comes to predicting the future, people typically come up with exaggerated ideas. At the same time though, there is often an element of truth in what people think the future might hold. We write about futuristic ideas a lot on Bit Rebels, especially when it comes to forward-thinking technology. Another perspective is to look at what people in the past thought our lives would be like today and compare it to what’s real. That is what this magazine picture prediction is about.

This magazine picture was published in 1930. You can click over to Flickr to see what it looked like in the German magazine. It’s interesting to see a picture from 1930 of two people sitting at a table, ignoring each other, and concentrating on their ‘phones.’ From that point of view, this could easily be a funny photo mocking our smartphone lifestyle today, which makes it even harder to believe that it was originally published in 1930.

Maybe whoever created this magazine picture was a bit psychic, or maybe that person just had a good vibe about what was going to happen only sixteen years later in 1946. That was the year the first mobile phone call was made from a car in St. Louis, Missouri. This picture is more like a smartphone than an old-fashioned cell phone though. The more I look at it, the more eerie it seems to me.

If you want to get a glimpse at what our lives might be like in only 17 years from now, you can click over to Life In 2030. You might be surprised at how much different some people say it will be then. There is a lot of momentum right now in the technology world, so you never know!

Magazine Picture From 1930 Predicts Today’s Smartphone Lifestyle

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Via: [Treehugger]