3 Ways To Fix Stuck Pixels On LCD Monitors

As a designer sometimes the annoying happens. With time your monitor might get an increased number of stuck, or often referred to as “dead”, pixels. Usually there is a warranty for this depending on how many and where they are located on the screen. Fortunately there is a rescue method to be tried before you head out to find yourself a new monitor, preferably larger.

I have found three ways to fix a dead pixel and they usually work for most people. A dead pixel is usually caused by uneven distribution of liquid in the liquid crystal display or by a transistor malfunction. Oh, and be careful with all these three steps. If done in the wrong way you can do more damage then good.

Method 1 – Pressure

  1. Turn off the monitor which you want to fix.
  2. Get a damp washcloth so you won’t scratch your screen.
  3. Get pen, pencil, screwdriver, just any instrument with a focused, but relatively dull, point.
  4. Fold the cloth. Make sure it’s thick enough not to puncture it while pressuring.
  5. With the cloth at the exact point where the stuck pixel is located put pressure on it. Make sure not to put pressure on any other location as it might cause other pixels to get stuck.
  6. While you apply pressure to your stuck pixel turn on your screen.
  7. Release pressure and the pixel should we working as it should.

Method 2 – Tapping

  1. Turn on your computer along with the LCD monitor.
  2. Display a black image. IMPORTANT: You must display a black image and not just a blank signal as the backlight must be illuminating the back panel.
  3. Find a pen with a rounded end. Make sure it’s well rounded.
  4. With the rounded end start tapping on the stuck pixel, really gently. Just enough to see the quick white glow under the point of contact.
  5. Slightly increase the pressure with a cycle of 5-10 taps. Increase gently until the pixel is fixed.
  6. Display a white picture. This to ensure that you haven’t cause more damage then you fixed.

Method 3 – Software

The last method is purely software. There are several software programs out there that will try and fix your stuck pixel with different color processes and techniques.Here are three online techniques.