40 Foot Touchscreen Gallery Helps Visitors Find New Artwork

As we reported yesterday, Rio de Janeiro is the first city to implement QR codes into their sidewalk design. It’s an effort to help tourists find new information about the city and its history without cluttering the city with ugly, bulky signs. It seems information is about to take over our immediate focus more and more as the Cleveland Museum of Art has now implemented a 40 foot touchscreen gallery exploration center in an attempt to broaden their reach.

A concept like this touchscreen gallery is great for a number of reasons. It gives the visitor a chance to find new and exciting art, but it also relays more information about the artwork itself. Scrolling through vast amounts of artwork can of course be a boring task if the user interface doesn’t allow some sort of fluent streaming. This 40 foot touchscreen gallery is a state of the art interaction device which enables virtually unlimited possibilities. You just pick a category of art floating around on the screen, drag it to your focus placeholder and start browsing using swipe. It’s really that easy.

By no means is this 40 foot touchscreen gallery the world’s largest or the only one of its kind, far from it actually. But it is another sign that touchscreens are becoming an increasingly common device in our society. When you look at the video, you’ll see there is something mesmerizing about all of those art pieces floating around on such a mammoth of a screen. This multi-touch device may very well become a tourist attraction in itself. Its usability spans far wider than just being an artwork browser. This touchscreen gallery can of course easily become a screen that presents art events and art announcements. It could even be used to hold interactive art exhibitions.

As technology is perfected, these touchscreen gallery devices could become a focal point for a lot of different activities. Restaurants could have them at the reception so people could order their food while they are waiting for a table for example. In schools, it could become a pin board for events and activities. The possibilities are endless once you start looking at all the different things we could optimize.

State Of The Art Touchscreen Gallery