4K Video Of Three Versions Of The iPhone 7 Hits The Internet

As everyone knows, each time Apple is about to launch a new tier of their flagship product there are a lot of “leaked” videos. People have even started to create photorealistic renderings of what they think the smartphones will look like. This just to get their share of the insane traffic generated by the brand’s announcements. [pullquote]This time, we have a more hands-on experience, and it is said to picture the iPhone 7.[/pullquote]

The video posted on YouTube by Bshop Kuwa is a 4K video said to picture three versions of the iPhone 7. As reported by MacRumors these iPhone 7 smartphones are mock-ups and are not working. By identifying a number of markings on the phone, it is determined that they are most likely just developing versions created by Apple.

They all have the same ID number, which is somehow taken from the iPhone 5, but they look a lot like what has been reported in the media about the iPhone 7. What’s interesting is that recently the leaked information about Apple’s new smartphones have not been too far off from what Apple has later presented. If this is any indication that these phones represent what Apple is working on, then we could be looking at something interesting being announced.

Apple has long been on a downwards spiral when it comes to innovation. So much that other brands have started taking potshots at them for it. If Apple could somehow get back to their glory days when their phones were innovative and exciting, I think they would once again be able to take back a chunk of the market shares they have lost since the departure of Steve Jobs.

What do you think? Are these mock-up versions of the iPhone 7 really what we are going to be seeing when Apple finally announces the iPhone 7? What features do you think Apple will announce and will they be innovative enough? Let us know in the comment section below.

4K Video Of Three Versions Of The iPhone 7

4K Video iPhone 7 Smartphone

4K Video iPhone 7 Smartphone

4K Video iPhone 7 Smartphone