Budget iPhone: This Is What It Might Look Like [Video]

Everyone is talking about Apple soon launching an armada of new products. So far it’s all rumors, but there has been some information that supports it. One possible product is the iWatch, which Apple applied for a patent for. Apple also applied to copyright its name on more new stuff we’ve yet to see. There has long been reports of a budget iPhone in the making, but little has been leaked to support this. This video could substantiate its looming existence.

The reasons why Apple would create a cheaper iPhone are apparent. It’s to make their powerful system available to more people, which will increase their user base and of course increase app sales and overall sales on iTunes. Once people have the iPhone in their hands, the natural step is to “applify” it with the applications they think they will benefit from the most. It may be a sound strategic move for Apple to supply a budget iPhone, but then again, it could of course impact the sales of the regular iPhone.

There have been a lot of different renderings and ideas floating around on the Internet, but there has never been any real proof that they are the real deal. It’s always hard to tell since renderings are getting more and more photorealistic. The video presented in this article could be a sneak peak of what the budget iPhone might look like when it is released. Even though it might look a little less exclusive than the original iPhone, the budget iPhone is still one that could appeal to people who just want to tap into the powerful way the iOS handles apps, music and everything else that has become synonymous with the Apple products.

This particular video is created by Techdy, a company that specializes in selling knock-off Androids. They claim to have gotten their hands on the front and back part and assembled them in order to create this video of the budget iPhone that Apple could be working on. Whether it’s true or not is of course hard to say. It looks quite possible.

Techdy’s High-Res Video Of The Budget iPhone




Via: [iPhone Hacks]