5 Interesting Ways Of Using Digital Signage In School

Digital signage is not just for advertising purposes. Educational institutions across the world can benefit tremendously from digital signage boards. From public schooling, colleges and even universities can use this technology to provide real-time information to students. One of the most compelling reasons is affordability, as they require no physical labor to update immediately. Traditional ways of spreading information, such as posters, handmade signs, and mailed letters are a thing of the past. Here are several ways to use digital signs in a unique way.

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1. Time Capsule

Time capsules are an amazing experience, and the concept couldn’t be simpler. People for centuries have stored trinkets and valuables (whether intangible or physical) into a container, buried it for a certain length of time. After some time has passed, they then opened the container to get a “peek” into the past. It is a fun adventure to see how time has passed. E-signages too can be used as a digital time capsule, presenting the institution’s history highlights in a new, refreshing way.

2. Network

We know now what we can do with one screen. Imagine what can be done with ten or more screens, networked across all facilities. (This especially applies to campuses on universities.) Students, visitors, and the faculty can all be “linked in” to what’s currently happening, no matter where they are. Because it is a network, they are all updated (via the administration and IT staff) in real time.

3. Photography Contest

We could make the argument in the past that a lot of education systems stifle creativity. An even stronger argument is that educational institutions, instead of fostering personal growth, are molding people to become “average Jane and Joe” employees. While times have certainly changed, there is still merit to those arguments. Creativity in our society flourishes more and more as more educations realize the value of artistic pursuits.

Digital Signage boards, with their advanced technology, are changing that. One idea we can do is to run a school-wide photography (or other major art) contest. Digital screens give students a chance to express themselves creatively, and displaying their hard work for everyone to see gives their talents exposure. We live in the age of artistic innovation; let’s capitalize on it.

4. Recruitment

University and college administrators and faculty are forever recruiting potential students. By strategically implanting digital signs throughout the tour of the facilities, visitors and prospects will be given key, inside detail that will help them formulate their decisions in a more responsible matter. Financial aid deadlines and other crucial applicant information can also be relayed via these screens – in addition to services that navigate the lost and confused.

5. Catch Their Eye

By design, these e-signs are hard to ignore. Particularly when some of them are more than 10’ tall. These displays can be strategically placed at the entrances of educational facilities to give concerned parents and curious individuals important information. What makes this interesting is the concept of installing these signs high above the crowd’s head. Bigger objects, particularly technology, has proven to catch attention. Little else catches more attention than a constantly-updating screen hanging high above peoples’ heads.


Almost everyone involved in education is more technologically inclined than generations past. The speed at which we transmit information and share knowledge is faster than ever. Community bulletin boards, flyers, memos and other “paper” methods of sharing are out-dated. Technology must fully be implemented, in new creative ways, if we are to keep our students and prospects engaged.

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