5 Ways Technology Helps Your Church Grow

We live in a fast-paced world where everyone can receive information with the push of a button, prefer texts to phone calls, and get most of their information through various social media platforms – this includes staying connected to their church. No matter your role on a church’s staff, whether it’s Pastor, Creative Director, or Social Media Content Creator, there are many ways you can use technology to help your church grow.

If you want to grow your church’s online reach beyond just your website, keep reading for ways to incorporate technology, grow your web presence, and get more people to Sunday Service.

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Music Streaming

Whether you go with Spotify, Apple Music, or another music streaming platform, having playlists available for your followers to keep up with the music you use during worship is an easy way to keep your congregation engaged.

It can also serve to grow your church because your members can share and showcase their religious beliefs with these playlists with their friends and family and also through their personal social media platforms. If your worship music resonates with the people it’s shared with, they will likely attend a service and see if it’s more aligned with how they want to worship.

Instagram Reels

Instagram has been around for a long time, but these days, most people are focused on reels and stories. Gone are the days when people mindlessly scroll down through endless feeds. In addition to reels and stories being conveniently located at the top of their Instagram interface, reels can include trending audios that make them more likely to show up in the feeds of people who don’t already follow your church’s account.

Whether you’re creating reels from videos of sermons, direct messages from church staff members, or highlight reels from church events, leveraging reels to grow your platform and church attendance is easy.

Church Apps

Several church apps can make staying engaged with your church easy and fun for everyone who downloads them. From sending important church announcements to worship planning to tithing directly through the app, it’s a seamless way for church staff members to organize all resources for their congregation.

In addition to their ease of use for people who download them, since they’re easily found in app stores, people searching for a new church in your area can find them through the app store.

If your church isn’t already utilizing a church app, it may be time for an upgrade; no matter their age, chances are, most people in your congregation have a smartphone and would love another way to stay connected and share messages from your church with others.

Online Streaming

There are several ways to stream your services live online and archive them for your church members and non-members to view at another time. It may surprise you to learn that around 45% of people view church online, so if you’re not taking advantage of platforms like YouTube or Vimeo to grow your church’s presence, you’re missing a large number of potential members.

There are many reasons why people can’t make it into a physical church, from being a new mother to being disabled and everywhere in between – giving these people an opportunity to join you in worship, even if only virtually, is a blessing and one you should freely give.


While most church media fails to engage people because they focus more on church announcements versus giving people a good word that will help them where they’re at the moment, they see your posts; Twitter can be a great alternative to post your church’s announcements.

From events like water baptisms, parties, and other important dates, Twitter can grow your church through events that appeal to potential new members. Utilizing event and geo-specific hashtags can attract people to these events that don’t already attend your church.

Taking advantage of social media and its positives is a smart and engaging way to interact with your current members, but you can also use it to grow your congregation by using the above-mentioned ways. If you don’t have someone on staff already in charge of social media, it’s worth finding someone that goes to your church with the right skill set to help grow your online presence.

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