A Faceless Watch | Defining The Future Cool

I am what you could call a “time collector”. Not in the literal sense of the word, but I am a watch fanatic and I buy one new watch each year to celebrate whatever I have achieved that year. I go for the one that I want the most no matter what it will cost me (almost). I have a collection of 7 watches, so it’s safe to assume I have been at it for over 7 years now this year being the 8th.

So what will it be this year? Well, it will for sure this one, if it is manufactured and put on the market. Designer Jihun Yeom has done a phenomenal job on designing this piece of futuristic accessory, dubbed the “Aurora” for men (and not alienate the women, I am sure they can wear it as well) that will just stun whoever you show it to.

At first glance it just looks like a watch frame and that’s about it. But if you push the touch glass, the time will be told in a very futuristic and cool laser light. Not so much the laser, but it does have a certain neon glow to it, which is very appealing and cool in my opinion.

What’s great about this watch is that the window is transparent and therefore should work with anything you decide to wear. Whether it be a suit, t-shirt or a hoodie, it will always fit quite nicely with anything you decide wear.

As with all of these concept designs, this one is not yet on the market but with its cool factor, I am certain it will be picked up by one of the major manufacturers and put on the market. The price? Well, I’ll assume it won’t be too much as it is quite modern technology and cheap to manufacture. At least that’s what I hope.