American Motorcycles You Should Consider For Your Next Purchase

When it comes to motorcycles, most people envision themselves riding Japanese machines while flying down the highway at breakneck speeds. However, have you considered an American option for your next bike?

There are US motorcycle manufacturers that build high-quality motorbikes every bit as capable as their Japanese counterparts. Here is a list of the 5-best American-made motorcycles, pick your favorite and call your dealer for a test ride today.

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1. A Real American Classic – Harley-Davidson Street Bob

Any review of American motorcycles should include a Harley-Davidson. Harleys are an American icon that’s synonymous with the culture of the world’s most prosperous nation. Harleys are built to last and feature high-quality components, as well as award-winning design.

For this review, we chose the Harley-Davidson Street-Bob model. This motorcycle has a Milwaukee-8 1,753cc v-twin engine that pushes out 110-pounds-per-foot of torque. The motor mounts to a lightweight chassis that gives it a sporty edge. The frame geometry provides aggressive angles and styling geared for performance.

The bike weighs a considerable 630-pounds. However, when you take it out on the road, you’ll hardly notice the extra weight, and it’s easy to get the Street-Bob to lean into corners. Visit to inquire about this model and take it for a test ride.

2. The Perfect Tourer – Motus MSTR

If you’re a fan of cruising through the American countryside, the Motus MSTR is your best bet for a tourer that provides exceptional rider comfort and unbelievable performance. This machine features a push-rod V4 engine mounted to a lightweight frame.

The motor pushes out 180 BHP, along with 126 pounds per foot of torque. The acceleration is more aggressive than what you would expect from a touring bike, with a 5.5-gallon gas tank to ensure you never run out of juice while touring the nation’s highways and byways.

The Motus comes straight from the dealership with an impressive array of custom parts you wouldn’t expect to find on a standard tourer. Akrapovic exhausts, Ohlin’s shocks, and Brembo brakes round off the performance appeal of this machine.

3. The Other Harley Davidson – The Erik Buell Racing 1190RS

Erik Buell founded the performance division of Harley Davidson, and while the man knows how to build an outstanding motorcycle, his business skills aren’t as good. The company ran into financial problems and had to close its doors, but there’s still plenty of Buell’s available on the market

Our pick of the litter is the legendary 1190RS. This racing machine features a 1,190cc liquid-cooled v-twin engine that produces 175-bhp along with 97-feet of torque. The lightweight aluminum frame makes it the ideal street-racer for commuters and sports enthusiasts.

With a total dry weight of 389-pounds, it’s easy to thread this machine through traffic and throw it into the sharpest corners.

4. Reinventing A Classic – The Indian Scout Bobber

Indian is another iconic American brand that deserves mention in this review. The Scout-Bobber model offers any motorcycle enthusiast a spine-chilling and exciting ride that they will remember for the rest of their life.

The bike features a Scout 1133 cc v-twin engine producing 100-bhp with 72-pounds of torque per square foot at 6,000 rpm. The power output of this machine may be somewhat modest, but the raw, thrilling ride and feel of the motorcycle when you hit the top gear makes it feel a lot faster.

The styling on this bike makes it stand out from the crowd, chopped fenders, lowered suspension, and sporty foot pegs give this machine a fierce appearance.

5. Wrapping Up With Something Different – Go Electric With The Lightning LS-218

While Tesla may have a grip on the electric car market, Lightning is trying to dominate the same space in the motorcycle sector. This impressive machine is capable of top speeds of 218-Mph, achieving speeds unheard of in the electric motorcycle industry.

Lightning claims the motor on this electric beast pushes out more than 200-bhp, with over 160-pounds of torque per square foot. The company claims a 0 to 60-mph time of just 2-seconds, making this electric model as fast as a Japanese superbike.

Lightning state that you’ll be able to achieve a range of 200-miles on a single charge. While we like this concept, it feels strange to ride a sports bike that’s completely silent, we miss the growl of a big V-twin echoing through titanium exhaust pipes, but to each their own.

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