An Artistic Look At The iPhone 5

There is no doubt that a lot of people are talking about the iPhone 5 and how it will look, what features it will have, and pretty much the whole shebang. There is little known about what the new iPhone will look like. After the whole FAIL of the last iPhone, I take it Apple is being beyond careful about dealing out any kind of details when it comes to their probable new cash cow. So far, all we have is a bunch of estimations and concept ideas. Some people like the fact that they are guessing the future only to see how close they get. A complete strike would be the recognition a designer needs to go from nothing to celebrated, but it’s a touchy game, especially when things are kept so tight over at Apple.

Of course that won’t stop people from trying to guess the future, and that’s where the people over at Infographic Labs come in. Usually people try to create something out of the ordinary, something so realistic that you will have a hard time telling if it really is the new iPhone 5 or not. Sometimes it actually works quite well, but that’s not the approach the people at Infographic Labs took. They are true to the whole Apple saying that technology is art.

They have created an infographic about the probable features of the new iPhone through an entirely artistic view. It’s an infographic style we haven’t encountered before here on Bit Rebels, and I must say that I really enjoy it. I like it when designers step into the unknown and bring out something entirely fresh and cool. This is exactly that, and more. Sure, there are a few spelling errors in there, I am not gonna lie, but the fact that they tried to make something new out of it all is astonishing, and I like it. Now, do you think these percentages are in line with what Apple is doing?

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An Artistic iPhone 5 Infographic