Apple In Movies: Time On Screen Historic Timeline [Infographic]

Product placement is one of the most important advertisement campaigns a brand can have. This is especially true when the brand is competing with big boys such as Nike, Reebok, Nokia and Apple. The technology that lies behind a product or even that makes up a product many times has to be demoed in order for people to appreciate and know what the heck it can do for them. This is where Apple has been so successful. Their keynotes are their entire launch pad for their new products, and because their products have been so solid, they have built up a really well-oiled process for launching their new stuff. People know quality is going to be announced.

Many times Apple is in the spotlight just because of their sheer success. People marvel over the short period of time it has taken them to rebuild their brand’s reputation, which now seems almost perfect. However, it hasn’t been easy, and it hasn’t been cheap either. Product placement has been a focus for Apple for many years, and with the help of Any Clip Solutions API, the people at AnyClip have pulled together a really cool infographic that tells a story about Apple’s product placement that we haven’t seen before.

It reveals how much air time Apple has had each year in movies, which of course is product placement. It is quite interesting to see what impact this medium has. I have read some comments about this infographic though, and they all say the same thing. The iPod Nano is not even present, and it could just be a glitch in the way the system works. Nonetheless, this infographic will give you a pretty good idea about how Apple has been approaching product placement for the last 27 years or so.

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Apple Movie Product Placement Infographic

Via: [iPhone Hacks]