Audi Plans & Envisions Self Printing & Assembling Concept Car

It’s not breaking news that the 3D printing revolution has begun. It won’t be long now until we start seeing a wide range of online stores offering instant delivery through 3D printing. As a matter of fact, there are already a few places where you can download the schematics and print the product you just purchased. Audi is known for pushing the envelope, and they recently announced they have plans to create a self printing and assembling concept car.

Even though a concept car is usually just a way for car manufacturers to invent the future and push their ideas out into the world, some features usually make it into a real car sooner or later. The people at Audi, who are known for their strive to constantly innovate, recently announced plans to create a self printing prototype concept car that would assemble itself. There’s no doubt these are these bold claims, but with the speed and progression of 3D printing, it’s not beyond the boundaries of reality.

Genesis, Audi’s self printing prototype concept car, is most likely the first car to ever be birthed through 3D printing. I wouldn’t expect it to be soon though since developing these cars will take a long time. They would look as impressive as the transformers we are used to seeing on the silver screen by now.

Nir Siegel, a graduate of vehicle design at the Royal College of Art in London, imagined a self printing concept car that allows interested buyers to customize their car and order it. Then a specialized 3D printer will be sent to their home to print the car at the buyer’s preferred location. It’s a pretty mind-boggling concept, and when it is realized, it will be a huge leap forward for 3D printing technology altogether.

The Genesis self printing concept car won Mr. Siegel the award for Best Design Interpretation at this year’s Pilkington Vehicle Design Awards. It’s through innovating the future in leaps that we’ll progress technology one step at a time. 3D printing is definitely going to become a dominant order and delivery process in the near future, and this concept car prototype is definitely proof the world is taking notice.

Nir Siegel’s Self Printing & Assembling Concept Car




Via: [psfk]