Baby Glow Temperature Detector

Its a known fact that high temperature when baby has a fever can spell danger for the baby.  Overheating can cause a baby’s brain to shut down and is also an indication of illnesses such as meningitis.  Thanks to Chris Ebejer, conceived a way to stop babies from overheating.

He was able to develop Baby Glow.  The uniqueness of the garments is that it will change color according to baby’s current temperature – meaning the cloth could tell the baby’s parents whether their child is getting too hot in bed or if fever is occurring, it will help prevent catastrophic illness.

Mr Ebejer, who had his idea while watching a documentary about babies, began the search for an ink pigment with heat-sensitive molecules.

He spent six years and £700,000 working with scientists to develop-the pigments to embed into cotton babyglow.

Babyglows suits come in pink, blue and pastel green colors. All will turn white as soon as the baby’s body temperature rises beyond 37degree Celcius.

The BabyGlow Suit is priced at £20 a pack.