Backpack Bike | Convenient Camping Necessity

Soon enough summer will come and a lot of people get that weird idea about going camping. I am not anti-camping at all it’s just the feeling that most of us are cramped up inside during winter and when the winter finally comes we are all of sudden looking forward to going camping in tents that are even smaller than the living room couch we’ve been fortified on since the first flakes of snow. The idea is really bizarre if you think of it.

But, then again camping is about a lot of stuff and not entirely about staying inside a tent all day is it. It’s about being outside and in the nature fishing, hiking, hunting, canoeing, swimming and a lot of other stuff. Another thing that has become a wide spread past time is to take the bike with you. Some put it on top of their car and at the back of their Winnebago.

Every time I pass a car or a truck with a bike lashed to it there’s just something telling me it ain’t right. You shouldn’t have to transport a transport if you know what I mean, at least not fully assembled. It seems there are a lot of people thinking just like me when it comes to this. The designers at Koga has come up with the ultimate camping bike and it kicks butt. The name for the bike is “Bergmönch” which means “Mountain Monk” and is designed and manufactured in Germany.

The stylish and edgy look of it is an assurance that it’s satisfaction guaranteed. The easy assembly and the minimalistic size of it while fully packed is just astounding. Despite the awesome design and the promise of a great time no matter where you are the price is more than satisfactory with it’s € 1.499,-. Converted it is roughly $2,200 which I think is a fair price for such a trigger of happiness.

For more information be sure to check out the official website at: Koga