Best Of Siri: A Compilation Of Her Funniest Responses

Surely you have played around with Siri if you’ve had the chance to fondle the new iPhone 4S. It’s one of those features whose initial purpose was to make fun of, play around with, and ultimately try to get a funny response out of, or at least it feels that way. I have had the chance to play around with the Siri feature, and I must say that I am mega impressed by the intelligence of this highly useful personal assistant. I am sure with a lot more answers, this thing could be improved until it actually gets its own intelligence. It would become the first true artificial intelligence, at least that’s what the word is it seems when people talk about Siri.

So if you have had the chance to try out this feature, you know that Siri is very clever. She’s quite to the point, and depending on what you tell her, she will respond appropriately. If you are rude, she will be rude back. If you try to sweet talk her, you will get something cute back. It’s really hilarious sometimes what she will throw your way. I have been so impressed by the feature that I have taken my backpack around YouTube to see if I could find something entertaining involving Siri.

Of course there were a few funny videos with her responses, but I managed to find a compilation of the very best ones. It hasn’t yet gone viral, but I am sure that this is going to make you laugh really hard. It may even make your day a little bit happier. Siri is truly an intelligence to be reckoned with. Just have a listen to a few of her best answers so far. You’ll crack up into tears, really! I especially liked her response when she was asked where to hide some dead bodies. That one is golden! Enjoy and have a laugh! (The compilation is uplaoded by YouTuber JustEverythingA2Z)

Best Of Siri Responses Compilation