Best Tips To Carry Out Periodic Maintenance Of Diesel Generators

Diesel generators used for either primary or backup power, require timely maintenance to ensure that they work efficiently to provide quality power throughout their entire lifecycle. Large factories that require generators to power their factory equipment may require in-house engineers to maintain their diesel generators. Smaller companies or house owners who only use diesel generators in case of a power outage, also need to service them regularly.

However, they can hire professional services to take care of all the maintenance for them. However, whatever the case of use may be, diesel generators require timely checkups to ensure their reliability.

The prolonged use of diesel generators has given people with the knowledge to predict when its components require service or will eventually fail. Setting up a timely maintenance schedule and following it will ensure that your diesel generator operates efficiently and has a long service life. If you are someone who wants to know how to carry out periodic maintenance of diesel generators, then you have come to the right place. Today, our article will give you some tips that you should follow to carry out the periodic maintenance of diesel generators.

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Carry Out Routine Inspections

When a diesel generator is operational, you have to keep a close eye on its exhaust, electrical, and fuel system to discover any leaks that might cause hazardous occurrences or risk the lives of your workers. A diesel generator contains a combustion engine, so proper maintenance is essential to ensure it runs smoothly and efficiently.

A good practice would be to conduct service, such as an oil change, after your generator has been operational for more than 500 hours. For places where generators run for a long time, such as a construction site, the service hours are shorter as the generator runs construction equipment. If you have a diesel generator that is underperforming, then it is time you give it an inspection to find out what issues it has. If your generator is beyond repair, consider buying a new one, like one from, to enjoy smart investment and extended equipment life.

Lubrication Service

Regular oil check is necessary if you want your diesel generator to run as efficiently as possible. Shut down the generator and use a dip-stick to check the oil-level inside your generator. After you shut down your generator, wait for a while to allow the oil to fall back from the upper portion of the generator’s engine into the crankcase. Use a dip-stick to measure the oil-levels. Insert it into the oil-inlet and see if the oil level is near the maximum mark of the dip-stick. Always use oil from the same brand as there could be differences if you switch oil brands.

Along with giving your generator an oil change, don’t forget to clean the oil filter or replace it if it is not serviceable. If you are unaware of the oil checking method, refer to its manual, and follow the steps mentioned in it. You must use high-quality engine oil to ensure that your generator operates efficiently without any issues.

Fuel System

Diesel fuel usually gets contaminated after it sits in one place for more than a year. So, you must use up fuel within that period. Also, the fuel filters require regular drainage to ensure that no water vapor deposits on it. If you have left fuel inside your diesel generator, there is a chance that your generator will require fuel polishing. Many products are accessible in the market that allows you to clean and purge the fuel system of your generator. However, it is a good practice that you empty its fuel tank and replace it with fresh diesel fuel. Preventative measures include procedures such as coolant level, oil, fuel, and starting system inspections.

Testing Batteries

Uncharged or weak batteries are common reasons for diesel generators refusing to start. You should keep your generator’s battery charged to ensure that it turns on when required. Also, clean them and check their specific gravity and electrolyte levels regularly. Checking the battery output is not the only way you can test its health. As your generator’s battery ages after seeing constant use, its internal resistance increases. The only way to check a battery’s health is when it is under a load. A good idea would be to use a battery tester. With the help of a resistive load meter, you can check the condition of your generator’s battery. A resistive load meter works by putting a load of five percent on your battery to check it is functioning accurately.

To clean your battery, use a wet cloth and wipe down any dirt or dust present on it. If there is corrosion on the terminals, use a solution of baking soda and water and clean it by dipping a brush in the solution and scrubbing it on the terminals. Also, don’t let the solution enter the battery cells as it could destroy your battery. After you complete cleaning the terminals, cover them with grease to avoid corrosion from occurring.

Keep The Generator Clean

Oil drips are a concern when it comes to a diesel generator. When your generator is new, it is easy to spot and oil drip. However, when it gets old, you will have to search around to find the source of the drip. Visual inspection is the best way to spot drips, lose hoses, and belts. Regularly checking your diesel generator for such issues will allow you to correct them, avoiding damage that can occur over time. The more you use your diesel generators, the more service it will require.

Cooling System

After shutting down your diesel generator, remove the radiator cap and check if the coolant is at the optimal level. If the coolant level is low, top it off with the right type of coolant. Do not forget to inspect the exterior of your diesel generator’s radiator for obstruction or any other kind of damage. If it is dirty or dusty, use compressed air to clean it off.

Final Words

Taking preventative measures ensures that you get uninterrupted power at your facility for all your requirements. A diesel generator requires more service than a gasoline one, so you must do it at regular intervals. Meanwhile, proper servicing also allows it to provide the power it is rated to provide. Today, we have shared with you some tips to carry out periodic maintenance of your diesel generator. So, it is a good idea that you follow these tips to ensure your generator’s long life.

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