Bionic Wine Bottle: Best USB Music Player Ever!

Let us revisit the old and heavily popular USB library to unearth yet another really cool USB device. This time it comes as nothing you have previously seen, I am pretty sure I can promise you that. It doesn’t blink, and it doesn’t save your files to give you the possibility to take em with you wherever you go. It also doesn’t turn your computer into a self-aware mega bot who’s only purpose is to make you understand you are its servant.

Nope, this is something much better. Actually, it is a wine bottle, a bionic one. It’s a USB music player with incorporated speakers, and it works through either USB or SD/MMC memory cards. It doesn’t stop there either. It even has its own remote control so that you can sit back and enjoy your real wine and change the songs at the same time.

Wouldn’t it be cool to be able to put this wine bottle where the real ones are and blast music from your wine rack? I mean, people would go totally nuts trying to find the source of the music. It’s like when you go into a cafe and you hear music really close to you but you can’t locate the speakers because they are inside the ceiling. This is what I consider creative design. It’s not the most stylish, but it’s creative for sure.

The price for this cool cat is $27 and you can get it at Gadget4All.