Bit Rebels 1 Month Old – Statistics

So, Bit Rebels turned 1 month old just a few days ago. Hurrah!! Yup, time flies when you are having fun. I can’t begin to express my admiration for the writers here at Bit Rebels. All four of you!! You guys make this concept work and you inspire me more then words can express. The spread of your posts have been tremendous and the variety you have shown is just awesome.

I thought I should point out the article I enjoyed the most but as I started walking down the path they were too many and I just couldn’t choose. The response have been insane and after one month Bit Rebels have really gotten way over any expectations I had when putting it together, together with you guys.

And thanks to all the visitors. Thanks for showing such inspiring support and loyalty. We see an ever upwards spiraling curve and the only thing we could ever wish for right now is for you all to start commenting. The site is heavily build on a community feeling and now with (in the works) “Top Commentators” list we will incorporate contests later down the road. So get cracking. Share your thoughts on the articles. We’d love to read it!

To summarize the past month I thought I should publish some inspiring statistics for you all so you can see what an impact have done being either a writer or a visitor.

9th of June – 9th of July

  • Visits: 16.101
  • Pageviews: 28.946
  • Search Engine: 574
  • Direct Traffic: 51.12%
  • Twitter Traffic: 26.41%
  • Busiest Day – Unique Visits: 1.360 (June 29th)
  • Busiest Day – Pageviews: 2.222 (June 15th)
  • Avg. Time On Site: 2:20 Min
  • Visiting Countries: 116
  • Articles: 205
  • Comments: 266
  • Top Commentator: Anthony Hortin (7 Comments)
  • Most Popular Article: Twitter Logo Font Revealed (4.132 Views)
  • Most Diggs: Paper Water Bottle (113 Diggs)

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