Can Stack Browser Change The Era Of Web Browsing?

Web browsers have been our gateways to the online realm for thirty years now. During that time, the Web has become faster, more capable, and present on more devices (some of which were impossible even to imagine three decades ago). However, despite the rapid evolution, not much has changed in terms of Web browsers, which are still based on their original principles.

However, relying on resource-intensive tabs and using all kinds of workarounds to do more on the Web might soon be a thing of the past. Next-generation Web browsers are already here, promising to revolutionize our interaction with the Internet.

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What Is Stack Browser?

Stack Browser is a beginning of a new era of browsing the Internet. It’s a true next-generation browser, a smart one, coming with unique productivity features that let you do more on the Web, in less time. So, here are some of the possibilities this Web browser already brings.

First and foremost, Stack comes with a familiar yet highly intuitive and innovative interface. Instead of using archaic tabs, it uses cards. Those are resizable interface elements that are positioned in a row. That’s how you can open numerous websites, see them side-by-side while also getting to interact with them at the same time.

As mentioned just above, cards are placed in a row, which you can scroll through horizontally. However, you don’t get just a single row of cards. Instead, you can create multiple rows – or stacks. That’s how you can have a stack for social media, news websites, productivity apps, and more. And yes, you can jump between those using a single click of your mouse.

Since each card is completely independent, that allows Stack to offer a unique benefit. You can open multiple instances of the same website (or Web app) and then log in to different accounts at the same time. In other words, Stack allows you to use multiple accounts on the same website, simultaneously. To see how that works in action, here’s how to manage multiple Instagram accounts using Stack.

Of course, it’s not just Instagram that works with Stack. After all, this is a Web browser, which means that it works with any website or Web app including Facebook, Linkedin and so on! That means that you can stick to your usual workflow while also elevating your productivity. Stack doesn’t come with a steep learning curve, and it’s suitable for those who want something simple as well as those looking for professional-level software.

On top of that, it’s highly polished in terms of its performance, without eating up a lot of your device’s resources. And since it comes from a young team of passionate developers determined to change the future of Web browsers, you can count on receiving regular updates that often bring new features.

Stack is available on both Windows and macOS (and yes, it’s optimized for Apple M1 processors), and you get started free of charge. For more details, make sure to visit, from where you can download the latest version of Stack.

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