Cocktail for your Mac

;Cocktail is an award winning general purpose utility for Mac OS X. It is a smooth and powerful digital tool set with a variety of practical features that simplifies the use of advanced UNIX functions and helps Mac users around the world to get the most out of their computers. Cocktail is installed at more than 200 000 computers world wide. The largest part being private individuals, but Cocktail can also be found at large international companies (Puma, Sony), educational institutions (Harvard University, University of Texas) or newspapers (The New York Times, Business Week).

The application serves up a scrumptious mix of maintenance tools and interface tweaks, all accessible via a comprehensive graphical interface. Most of Cocktail’s major features are arranged in five basic categories. In addition, a Pilot lets you clean, repair and optimize your system with one click of the button.  Download it here,

cocktail1Mac OS X is preconfigured with network settings that may not be optimal for your type of connection. For example, the default size of the TCP receive and send window is suitable for small networks or Internet access where the smallest bottleneck is no more than 2 Mbps. However, for larger throughput, the default parameters might be too conservative and throughput may suffer.

Depending on your kind of connection to the Internet, you may be able to improve your network performance under Mac OS X by tweaking miscellaneous network settings. Cocktail lets you easily optimize those settings for seven most common types of connections or configure and apply the custom optimization.

Running the Pilot is the easiest way to clean, repair, optimize and maintain your system. If you are not an experienced user of Mac OS X, it is recommended that you run all of the tasks (using the default options) at least once a week. Use the Automatically button to specify if Cocktail should stay idle, quit, log out, put the computer to sleep, restart or shut down the computer when it has successfully run all of the selected tasks.

Pilot scheduler can be used to schedule automatic executions of the Pilot’s maintenance tasks instead of running these tasks manually. Just select the tasks you want to run, set the day of the week (or choose to run the selected tasks daily) and set the time of the day.cocktail2